Day Three At The New Office

Today is my third day at my new office. I have work to do, but instead, I am watching HILARIOUS cat videos. I am not a fan of cats in the least, but videos of them doing stupid things that cats do … priceless.

One thing is evident; my work ethic is in critical condition.

I had a home office. The reason for getting a new space was to get away from my attention starved dogs. They are always touching me for some reason. When they aren’t touching me, they stare at me.

While working from home, when I was faced with the choice of working or not working, I seem to mostly choose to not work. I would escape to Facebook, Netflix, & Youtube. I would imagine cocaine feels just like these things.

When a chore was neglected, like the dishes, I would stop working and wash them.  Dog hair on the rug? Lets vacuum. Skid mark in the toilet? Get the Lysol.

If I leave skid marks in the toilet at work, there is nobody policing the toilet situation. I think I am similar to most men — in that we are capable of tolerating a high degree of filth (compared to women).

My one saving grace at my new office is the Internet is very slow.  My desire to watch videos of a 1000 degree knife cutting random things will, hopefully, diminish over time.


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