Always Proofread Before Clicking SEND

I am a serious guy, and I run a serious business. Coincidentally, my customers are also serious.

It all started with a friend posting a picture on Facebook of a ceramic unicorn candle holder. Seeing it reminded me of a humorous infomercial I came across featuring a unicorn and a product called the Squatty Potty.  (If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend a quick view!)

The video features a unicorn going number two and a nobleman licking the unicorn’s rainbow-colored dooky from an ice cream cone while explaining the logistics of the device and how it makes going number two easier. Brilliant, right?

I enjoy making others laugh, so I thought, Let’s share this. I went to YouTube and copied the link to share; I just needed to toggle windows, paste into Facebook, and PRESTO!

But before I could see my endeavor through, I got distracted from my break time and went back to work.

I was trying to upload some important files for a customer and sent him a link to the file folder. No proofreading, no double check. I just clicked SEND.

My customer replied, saying that the link in the email was not to the project files he was expecting. Apparently, instead of pasting the link to my customer’s files, I accidentally pasted the Squatty Potty video link into my customer’s email.

Like Cameron desperately trying to reverse the odometer on his father’s Ferrari at the end of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, no amount of back-pedaling could undo the damage.

“It takes years to find a customer, only seconds to lose one.”

Always proofread before clicking SEND.


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