Heavy Metal Made Me Do Bad Things

Children are fragile and impressionable beings. It is important to take caution when it comes to what we expose them to. When I was 11, I convinced my mom to buy me my first heavy metal album; the album was Kill Em’ All, by a band named Metallica.

My favorite song on the album was Jump in the Fire. Even though I was obsessed with it … not once did I attempt to jump into a fire.

Overly protective parents everywhere are deeply concerned about how heavy metal is a bad influence on children. If there ever were events that might have tarnished heavy metal’s stellar reputation, it would be these:

In 1981, recording artist, Ozzy Osbourne, bit the head off of a pigeon at a meeting at CBS studios. He regretted the incident, but did say that the bird might have tasted better dipped in Ranch.

In 1985, two teens attempted suicide after listening to a Judas Priest album. The teens families believed the band’s lyrics pushed the boys over the edge. Some of the parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the band, but lost.

Ozzy is a devoted family man with his own children. Judas Priest has the word “Priest” in the title … how bad can they be? These heavy metal artists are decent people that just happen to play music that attracts deeply troubled people.

I was one of those troubled people. I am not proud to admit it, but I put our family cat in the clothes dryer once. I never heard lyrics in a song telling me to torment animals.

I also threw bottle rockets at someone’s home in the middle of the night. Even though I loved the Megadeth song Set The World Afire, I didn’t want to burn any houses down.

As a teen, I found a motorcycle and neglected to turn it into the authorities. It surely wasn’t the satanic band, Danzig, that told me to break the law.

In each of these cases, I simply needed a slap upside my head from an adult.

People should lay off of heavy-metal bands. They’re just trying to earn an honest living by singing about anger, drugs, sex, violence, and demonic entities … They’re mostly innocent.


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