People Don’t Like Engineers, For Good Reason

People don’t like engineers very much, at least not in the way they like Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah does many great things: she smiles, informs, and gives away free stuff. What did any engineer ever do for mankind? They don’t usually smile, they take themselves too seriously, and from my experience, indulge prematurely in seconds of the coffee-cake someone brought into the office last Friday.

Engineers are smart, but the problem is that they know it. When you tell them something, instead of nodding their head, they’re immediately looking to debunk you or tell you how you were wrong … or how you forgot to consider your calculations. When they’re truly wrong, they’ll resort to obscure verbiage, machinery handbooks, or formulas to throw you off their bullshit trail.

Engineers are introverted. That isn’t a bad thing … actually, it is a bad thing. Nobody likes an introvert. If the world were more full of people like Richard Simmons and Kathy Griffin – it would be a better place to live.

I believe most engineers feel they do not need friends. As long as they have their graphing calculator and pocket protector, those are the only friends they need.



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